SOLD: Abraham Prescott Double Bass 1830s

Here is an Abraham Prescott double bass, from the 1830s, fully restored by Upton Bass about ten years ago.

We believe it was cut down from it’s original large pattern with the lower bout truncated, probably started life quite similar to the titanic 1840s Prescott we also have in the shop.  Shortened to be “easier to live with,” it still is a large volume instrument pushing lots of air.  In our restoration the fingerboard projection was modernized and the scroll meticulously rebuilt.

This has been a very enthusiastic jazz instrument since the restoration, but would thrive in other styles. The feel is surprisingly modern and responsive, with the charms and magnetism of a nearly 200 year-old historic double bass.


Click for our repair log detailing the restoration!


  • Upper Bout: 21.5″
  • C Bout: 14″
  • Lower Bout: 25.5″
  • Rib Depth: 7 – 8.5″
  • Length of Back: 41.75″
  • String Length: 42″
  • Neck: D



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Repair/Restoration chronicled here:


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