SOLD: Chris Threlkeld-Wiegand Double Bass

Chris Threlkeld-Wiegand, formerly of Robertson & Sons Violin Shop.


Finished in April of 2012, this Chris Threlkeld-Wiegand double bass is made
from non-traditional woods, but has a very powerful and traditional tone! This
bass features a vertically joined Wenge neck, walnut back and sides and a Cedar
top, a hand-crafted low B extension and fine inlaid adornments on the corners.

But one of the great features of this bass is that there is no wait!
Chris has been making basses in his Iowa shop since 2003, and during his bass
making career his waiting list has grown.  Currently we have it that his
wait time to begin a bass is over a year, with new basses like this being quoted
at around $35,000.00 dollars.

We invite you to visit our Boston shop and audition this bass. Ideal for both
orchestral and jazz, this instrument boasts a dynamic range of tonal color and
playability and a ton of growl along with nice mid-range clarity. The low B speaks particularly well.

Upper Bout: 20 1/4″
C Bout: 15 1/4″
Lower Bout: 26 1/4″
Rib Taper: 8 1/2″ to 6 1/2″
Length of Back: 46 1/2″
String Length:  41″ with a “Eb” Neck


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