SOLD: Moses A. Tewkesbury Double Bass c1844

SOLD: A beautiful example from one of Prescott’s luthiers



This full sized double bass comes from the workshop of Moses A. Tewkesbury in Chester, New Hampshire. Tewkesbury was an apprentice and builder in Abraham Prescott’s shop. Details abound that scream “Prescott,” from the scroll to the uncut F-holes, arching, measurements, even to the quality of the Sugar Maple used on the back. This instrument is clearly akin to the gamba-pattern Prescott (ex-Tiny Martin) we also have in stock.

The well-preserved label identifies it as being built in Chester, N.H. (thirty miles from Prescott’s Concord locale) in 1844, one year before Abraham Prescott sold his bass making interests to the Dearborn brothers, also long-time apprentices. This instrument may represent the end of an era of Prescott shop basses as one of his finest craftsmen struck out on his own and continued in the Prescott style.


Upper Bout: 22 1/2″
C-Bout: 16 1/4″
Lower Bout: 28 1/2″
Rib Depth: 6 1/2″ at Heel, 8 1/2″ at End Block
Length of Body: 48″
String Length: 42 1/4″


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