SOLD: Hawkes & Son Professor Double Bass, 1901, 5-String

Hawkes & Son, Professor Model Double Bass, #3901, 1901

This stout, healthy Hawkes Professor was converted to a 5-string long ago with an unobtrusive extra tuner and has been an orchestral denizen for decades.


Hawkes & Son Professor Double Bass, 1901, 5-String 7/8ths

Hawkes & Son, Piccadilly Circus, London England, #3901, 1901. The Hawkes & Son Professor model double bass is a large violin-cornered model with a flat canted back and very deep ribs – 9″ at widest! This Hawkes Professor was converted to 5-string long ago with an unobtrusive extra tuner and has been an orchestral denizen for decades. A giant friendly beast awaiting a new owner!

The upper bout is as wide as you’ll find on a double bass, yet allows for a good reach. It’s fun to play. Two-piece flamed maple back, with similar wood for ribs, quartersawn spruce top, well-cared for and very distinctive in shape and character. The low B string really moves the room. This Hawkes & Son Professor was originally built as a four string, not a three as earlier Victorian models were.

Violin outline, deep ribs and generous proportions characterize all Hawkes and Son models. Easy to spot with an almost upside-down look at eye level – we expected to get a larger upper bout measurement than lower bout!  This guy is all shoulders, behaves like a young instrument, although over a century in.  Quite light too for such a large bass, saves ten pounds on a Prescott.

Of course, at Upton Bass we are prepared to modify string length or back to a 4-string – call to discuss: +1 (860) 535-9399.


  • Upper Bout: 22.5″
  • C Bout: 15.5″
  • Lower Bout: 26.5″
  • Rib Depth: 6.5 – 9″
  • Length of Back: 44″
  • String Length: 42.5″
  • Neck: D
  • Weight: 24 Lbs

We modeled our Brescian Model double bass on instruments such as this, especially the canted flatback.

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