SOLD: UB Professor Special Deluxe Double Bass Opus 64

The UB “Professor” Special Deluxe Bass.  Highest grades of extremely well flamed maple back, neck, and sides, with a hand-carved solid Spruce top.  Hands down, compared to new or old in the same price range…..untouchable.  Come see and hear for yourself.


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This UB Professor Special Deluxe Double Bass, crafted from the
choicest material and expertly setup, belonged to a customer who took
advantage of the Upton Bass Upgrade Trade-in Program. Now a proud owner
of an English made Martin
3/4 Double Bass
, this UB Professor Special Deluxe (Opus 64) is
available at our Boston location. Complete with bridge adjusters,
special cello-peg style tuners, Thomastik Spirocores (Weichs) and a
German-made endpin, this fully carved, beautiful instrument is ready
for its next proud owner!! Call Josh at 617-236-7706 with any questions.

Body Dimensions:


may occur in the color of the instruments pictured. Monitor settings,
screen resolution, lighting, and background all contribute to the
latter. As each bass is composed of unique pieces of wood, there are
inherent qualities in the wood itself which make each bass slightly
different from one and other which must be taken in to account when
ordering. All hardware and parts pictured are subject to change and
availability. Upton Bass guarantees and stands behind the function and
quality of all hardware and parts installed on each and every one of
our basses.

Call us at
1-860-535-9399 to talk about our basses, our EXCLUSIVE 5 year warranty
and how you can become a proud owner today.

***This bass is currently in our
Boston, MA showroom***


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