Sound Spike Double Bass Endpins


Sound Spike Endpins feature hardened steel and an always-sharp carbide tip.

A new favorite! They seem to open up any instrument.


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Sound Spike Double Bass Endpins

So, we had a lightweight bass with heavy adjusters on the showroom floor, and it was tipping to the scroll.  We grabbed one of these Heavy endpins thinking the weight would balance out the bass over the lightweight carbon fiber one.  It did! And then we played the bass.  Holy Shit!  There’s no other way to say it.  It was that dramatic!  The owner was BLOWN away…and he bought it without even questioning it.  Now…while this was happening, another customer was here picking up his bass which we had just put an extension on.  He had a nice endpin…one of the well made German ones with the solid 10mm endpins.  He asked if we had one in 10mm, and we said yes, but we didn’t think it would make a noticeable improvement as it seemed so close to what he already had.  So, we slipped it in, and holy shit again!  He bought it on the spot without questioning it.

We’re not big fans of gimmicky products with outlandish claims…and thus we were hesitant to put this on the website.  But folks…this really works.  Sometimes it’s jaw-dropping dramatic the change, and sometimes it’s subtle…BUT we have yet to try one of these in an bass and not notice a positive improvement.

The Sound Spike double bass endpins are the brainchild of a professional bassist and educator who saw the need for a reliable high-quality endpin. The result is a simple solution to the vexing problems of slippage and vibration for the contrabass and cello player. The strength of the steel seems to help with resonance while keeping the instrument planted.

The really, really sharp – careful! – carbide tip is protected by an easily removable rubber ball which can be used on any surface.

For bassists who already know the power of jabbing your endpin into the symphony hall or bandstand floor, this is another level. Try one for the direct, open sound of your favorite instrument. 

Sound Spike bass and cello endpins feature:

  • A carbide tip that never needs sharpening
  • Super hard stainless steel helps with clarity and projection
  • Bass Endpins are available in both 10mm and 1/2″ diameters at lengths of 8″, 12″, and 16″
  • Included with Bass Endpins is a rubber boot designed to match the length of the notches on the endpin
  • Sound Spike Endpins are American made


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