SOLD: Thomas and George Martin 4/4 Double Bass

This instrument is based on the great masters of bass making notably Vincenzo Panormo and Thomas Kennedy.


Thomas and George Martin Double Bass

Classic English design and great sound pour from these basses made by Tom and George in their quaint English shop.

Although a 4/4 model, this bass inexplicably  feels smaller than the Martin Ruggeri Bass, and only has a 42″ string length.  
Please call Gary at 860-535-9399 for details on Martin Double Basses.

Thomas and George Martin Double Bass

About the “Martin 4/4”:

Another cannon from the Martin Bass Shop! This is the full size version of the The 3/4 Martin model. An excellent all-round instrument, it retains the standard characteristics of all Martin basses.  Tom’s day to day bass is a Martin 3/4 model- only and inch here and there and you have the Martin 4/4.  Don’t be fooled by numbers, this bass is no slouch, and at 5′ 10″ our very own Gary can play up and down the board with comfort and ease!

Gary with George and Tom Martin on his recent
trip to the Martin Bass Shop in England


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