SOLD – Vintage Unstamped French Double Bass Bow

Vintage Unstamped French Double Bass Bow

This bow is very old and most likely of German origin.  Some restoration work has been performed on it, but it is just too good a bow to ignore.

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Vintage Unstamped French Double Bass Bow

We restored a crack in the mortice under the frog and while this bow has been around a long time, it has been loved.  It features a large and hefty frog and might be a good in the hands of someone transitioning from German to French style grips.

Details of the Vintage Unstamped French Double Bass Bow:

  • Maker: Unknown
  • Style: French
  • Stick: Round
  • Frog/Button: Ebony with Parisian Eye
  • Slide: Mother of Pearl
  • Ferrule: Silver
  • Tip: Ivory
  • Measurements: Length of Hair- 22″, Length of Stick- 27 5/8″, Overall Length- 28.5″, Balance Point- 8 3/8″
  • Weight: 149.3 gms

As with all bows that contain any ivory in the frog or tip, we do not recommend you travel outside the country.  Ivory is a restricted resource.

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