David Gage Travel Bass Flight Case



This convertible upright bass flight case represents the ultimate road case for the touring musician traveling with a removable-neck double bass!

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The David Gage Travel Bass Flight Case is the ultimate travel bass case from David Gage String Instruments. Designed to beat the struggle with weight restrictions with removable-neck upright basses, this composite case is actually two cases in one. The separate neck case allows for storage of your bridge, strings, and tailpiece. The combined total for both cases along with your bass is over 50lbs, but each case separately can be under airline weight restrictions. The David Gage Travel Bass is very heavy duty, easy to wheel around, and capable of handling large removable-neck basses. With this case you can go BIG on a UB Travel Bass build (just ask Eric Revis).


  • When empty, the main case weighs 35lbs and the neck case 12lbs
  • Packed with an average sized bass in a deluxe cover, the main case weighs about 48lbs
  • Packed with the neck, bridge, tailpiece, endpin, and ratchet key, the neck case weighs 15lbs
  • You can either travel with one item of baggage weighing under 65lbs, or two items separately

Outer Measurements of Main Case:

  • Height 51”
  • Width 28”
  • Depth 20”
  • An extra 1.2 inches should be added to the depth when the neck case is attached

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