Double Bass Bow Rehair

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Bass bow rehair mail-order service, done in-house. Includes new hank of top quality horse hair, plugs, and spreader wedge replacement.

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How does Upton Bass’s bass bow re-hair service work? Simply add this product to your shopping cart and check out. During check out, select your payment type. You will be charged for the bass bow rehair and return shipping of your bow. Simply box up your bow, insure the shipment, and send it to us with a printout of the order page. The normal turnaround time upon receipt of the bow is one week. Violin, viola, and cello bows are also accepted for our re-hair service. Please inquire.

Double Bass Bow Re-hair Service at Upton Bass includes a fresh hank of horse hair in Black (coarse), or White Mongolian (fine). All plugs and spreader wedges are replaced with secure Mahogany versions.

PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR PREFERENCES IN THE CUSTOMIZATION TAB ABOVE BEFORE ADDING THE SERVICE TO YOUR CART. If you do not make a choice, black will be used as the default selection.

For an additional fee of $35, Upton Bass will polish bone or ivory tips, oil polish ebony frogs, French polish the stick, and polish your bow’s silver components to a mirror shine…this service will make your bow look brand new! Please request bows to be “primed” with starter rosin if you need us to do this for you.  If not requested to do so, the bow will be left unprimed.  We prime with Carlsson bass rosin but can use Pops or Nyman upon request.

***Shipping to Upton Bass will be at the client’s cost, the checkout process includes RETURN shipping only. Please be sure to insure your bow to protect it from possible loss or damage. Also, please note the value of your bow when ordering so that we can fully insure the return shipment. Although rehairs qualify for “Free Shipping”, insurance is not included in this quote. Before shipping back to you, we will send you a separate invoice for insured shipping based on your stated value.  Shipping quotes may vary and are based on your stated bow’s value.***

Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
Attn: Bow Re-hair 

159 Packer Rd
Mystic, CT 06355

Click here to view photos of a bow rehair from our string repair portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse to rehair a bow for any reason.  Additionally, we will NOT rehair low-quality bows.  Many of these bows are of such poor quality, they only thing holding the hair in from the original workshop was excessive amounts of glue.  This glue makes them almost impossible to take apart without damaging components.  
Additionally, low cost bows can often have “shortcuts” in manufacturing that can result in unintended results, like water based stain that can wipe off during rehair.
If you have ANY questions about wether you bow can be re-haired or not, please call us at 1-860-535-9399.  Bows returned as not rehairable will be refunded for service only, not the shipping amounts.

Upton Bass String Instrument Co. specializes in building award-winning custom double basses and offers accessories for the double bass. Upton Bass also services all instruments and bows of the violin family with world-class restoration and repair, to view our online restoration portfolio visit

Upton Bass is ready to offer advice and answer any questions regarding double basses or related bass topics. Please contact UB at or call the shop at +1 (860) 535-9399. Hours of operation Tuesday through Saturday 10am – 6pm. The Workshop (The Barn) and showroom are located in Mystic, Connecticut conveniently between Boston and NYC.

2 reviews for Double Bass Bow Rehair

  1. Reed Ellenberger (verified owner)

    I had my Pfretschner rehaired with Silver hair. I was very impressed with the quality of hair and the quality of workmanship done.
    Just to compare, I sent my other bow to a very well known maker for a rehair as well.
    As both were the same price, I must say that (Upton Bass) did a superior job! The hair is equal in tension all around, plays well and grips well. Thank You! I\’ll be sending some more your way soon!!

  2. Ralph Pepe (verified owner)

    I want to thank you for the very nice bow rehair job and the quick turn-around time from Upton. It’s much appreciated! The silver (medium grade) hair was the right choice for me. The hair is of very good quality, evenly combed and very tightly wedged. I’ve tried it out and am very pleased with the action as well as the rich tone I’m getting.

    With best regards,

    Ralph Pepe
    Wilmington, MA

    Bassist, ‘The Dave Rasmussen Jazz Factory Band’

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