SOLD: Merchant Traveler Double Bass by Upton Bass, 2009


The Merchant Traveler Double Bass is a straightforward travel bass concept with narrow ribs and a bolt-on neck. It was developed by Bill Merchant and built by Upton Bass. This example is an ultra-portable hybrid upright bass which sounds great amplified through its Rev Solo pickup.



SOLD: Merchant Traveler Double Bass by Upton Bass, 2009

This Merchant Traveler double bass was a concept developed by Bill Merchant and Upton Bass. It was a straightforward approach to creating a portable double bass – a slim model with a removable neck. Besides those two considerations, this instrument is every bit an Upton hybrid from the era.

Eric Roy recalls: “Basically this was our standard hybrid at the time, built with three-inch ribs, 3” straight from the bottom to the top, no rib taper. Other than that, it was everything we would normally do with a hybrid bass. It has the bolt-on neck, with a regular neck block, just truncated to that 3” depth. The neck is removable, but not adjustable. We called it the Hawkes pattern at the time, it was our violin-cornered bass.”

It’s basically an Upton Standard Hybrid, circa 2009 with 3” ribs and a bolt-on removable neck. This was a travel bass built for easy packing, and meant to be amplified. An acoustic/electric “Thinline” 3/4 size double bass – Eric adds, “Similar to a Volt and Geiger “pancake” bass, in fact, I think we had a Volt and Geiger in the shop to model it after. Surprisingly good sounding, the air volume loss does exactly what you’d expect it to – kind of honky and thumpy, but you amplify it and nobody would ever know!”

If you’re interested act quickly! This makes such a good practice and gigging instrument most of the gang at the shop want it too.


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