New Harmony Music Double Bass Carbon Fiber Endpin



Carbon fiber end pins for double bass that are 1/2 inch in diameter and standard 16 inch length. These double bass end pins have a sharp heat hardened tip with threads, and a round rubber ball.  The gold plate option is 24 karat.  Standard taper at the large end is 31mm, but 33mm is available upon request.

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New Harmony Music is making some top-quality, highly specialized products for the double bass, including double bass end pins. They’ve been honing their endpin designs to the point of fanaticism – much appreciated around here.

Some info from New Harmony Music:

Carbon fiber end pins have several advantages:

  1. Weight–a cello’s standard 20-inch, 8 mm steel end pin weighs 201 grams.  In comparison, our carbon fiber 20-inch end pin weighs a mere 42 grams.  That is a 79 percent difference!
  2. Our carbon fiber end pins are made with a sharpened heat-treated metal tip or an exchangeable carbide tip.  The entire tip is heat-treated so it can be sharpened many times. If a carbide tip breaks, it can be replaced. The points on both the heat hardened tips and carbide tips are very sharp and hold with out slipping.
  3. End pins absorb energy generated by bowing, and it is logical that a heavy steel end pin will absorb more energy than a carbon fiber end pin.  We believe that a carbon fiber end pin does have a positive effect on the sound produced by a cello and double bass. We have many endorsements from cellists using our end pins supporting this belief. However, sound is subjective, and only scientific research could measure positive and any negative effects for each individual string instrument.

Bass End Pins:

We make Double Bass carbon fiber end pins for double bass that are 1/2 inch in diameter and standard 16 inch length. These end pins have a sharp heat hardened tip with threads. To complete this end pin, we add a round rubber ball with a specific density and a plastic threaded insert is screwed onto the end pin tip (see rubber ball and plastic insert below). Custom sizes are available for the solid rod bass end pins only up to 25 inches. Weight for the solid bass rod is 3.4oz and the hollow bass tube is 1.7oz including the tip.

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