SOLD: Kim Grácio French Style Double Bass Bow


SOLD: Beautiful silver mounted pernambuco double bass bow crafted by Kim Grácio.


This fine French style double bass bow was made by Kim Grácio, member of the famous Portuguese guitar making family, in 1973. Pernambuco and silver mounted, this beautiful bow has been well played and well cared for (one owner only!) over the course of its life. Recently cleaned, polished and rehaired with light silver hair, this fine bow is fairly light, coupled with a larger barrel and tip, it is well balanced with a quick response and ease in playability.


Stick: Round to octogonal at wrap, dark Pernambuco
Frog & Button: French style of top grade ebony, silver mounted and fully lined and complete with abalone slide and silver ringed ebony eye. One piece silver button. Silver plated tip.
Wrap: Black leather over silver wire, capped.
Measurements: Hair- 21 1/4″, Overall Length- 27 5/8″, Length of Stick:
26 3/4″, Balance Point: 9″, Weight- 136.1 gms.


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