SOLD: Wenzel Wilfer Double Bass, 1965, Germany


Wenzel Wilfer Double Bass “Toenniges Model,” 1965:  Beautiful, consistent tiger flamed maple highlight the back and sides on this remarkably well-preserved small shop Wilfer.


Wenzl B. Wilfer double bass, son of Emanuel Wilfer the elder, built in Bubenreuth Germany in 1965. A classic style from this third-generation builder of basses and cello, the stout plate dimensions are paired with medium shallow ribs for a very large, direct sound.  “Toenniges Model” may reference the instruments of American Paul Toenniges, or his daughter Nancy who was studying violinmaking in Germany at the time.

Beautiful, consistent tiger flamed maple highlight the back and sides, with arrow straight spruce. Classic German instrument, low on ornament but beaming with the quality of wood and build expertise.  Owned by a symphony player, its condition absolutely defies its age.

  • Upper Bout:  21.5″
  • C Bout:  15.5″
  • Lower Bout:  27.75″
  • Rib Depth:  6.75 – 7.5″
  • Length of Back:  45″
  • String Length:  41.75″
  • Neck: D
  • Weight:  22 lbs


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