Repair & Maintenance for Double Bass

Repair & Maintenance for Double Bass

Welcome to the Upton Bass String Instrument Co. selection of Bass Repair & Maintenance Parts!

We are often asked about some of the repair & maintenance items we use daily in the shop, so we decided to list a few “must have” items here.

Double basses encounter more bumps and whacks than any other stringed instrument, and although we HIGHLY suggest bringing your instrument into a luthier, that’s not always feasible.  When you’re stuck in a pinch…these items can get you back up and playing again!

Also to help you along, we created a picture portfolio website called so that our customers could initially follow along with the work we were doing on their instrument.  This simple website that was aimed at keeping our customers informed with the progress that was being made on their instrument  has turned into one of the most visited and linked to string repair websites in the world! It  is talked about in every professional circle, whether it be musician or luthier centered…and it is often that someone sends us a link to a discussion on an Internet forum where our methods are being discussed!!!

Please click on the images below for a full description of products you are looking for.  Remember, the knowledgeable staff at Upton Bass String Instrument Co. is always just a phone call away for ANY questions you may have +1 (860) 535-9399.  You can also contact Upton Bass by email at

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