Acoustic Image Double Bass Amp – Clarus SL-2


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Model: 608 IA

The Acoustic Image Clarus SL‐2 is a compact, two‐channel integrated amp that accepts both microphone and pickup input signals and blends them into a common output. It is the same size, shape and weight as the existing Clarus SL and Clarus SL‐R amps and it uses the same power amp.

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Acoustic Image Double Bass Amp – Clarus SL-2

Acoustic Image has developed the Clarus SL-2 double bass amplifier to accept both microphone and pickup inputs and mix into a single output channel – a great idea for bassists using a dual amplification system on their upright bass.

“The Acoustic Image Clarus SL-2 is a two channel, 600W amp head. It is the same form factor as our current one channel Clarus SL and SL-R amp heads. It is designed to allow two independent channels, each with its own tone controls and filter control, to be mixed into a single output. It uses multipurpose Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) inputs to allow either a mic or pickup to be connected. An internal circuit recognizes the signal type, mic or pickup, and connects the appropriate preamp front end. An XLR to TRS adapter is included. Details are given in the attached description.”

The features of the SL‐2 are:

  • Extended frequency range, high fidelity sound
  • Light weight (<2.5 lbs.), small size (2.1×7.2×7.4 inches)
  • Two separate input channels with their own level and tone controls
  • 1⁄4 inch Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) input on each channel that accepts mic or instrument input
  • Switched 48V phantom power and 10 dB gain boost for mic inputs
  • Internal circuit automatically senses input type (TRS for mic or Tip Sleeve for instrument) and
  • connects to correct preamp circuit
  • Four band EQ in each channel o Low (+/‐12 dB at 30 Hz) o LowMid(+/‐12dBat250Hz) o HiMid(+/‐12dBat1200Hz) o High (+/‐15 dB at 10 kHz)
  • Sweepable low cut filter (30 Hz to 180 Hz) in each channel
  • Master level control
  • Direct out with selectable 10 dB pad, pre/post switch and ground lift
  • Mute switch
  • Selectable internal jumper options for gain and limiter
  • High fidelity, low noise operation: 110 dB SNR at direct out
  • Automatic voltage switching for universal AC mains operation
  • 650 Watt output at 4 ohms (music power)
  • Dual speaker outputs with Speakon connectors
  • Comes with padded case

All AI amps are ordered when you order and typically have a 2 to 4 week lead time.  AI assembles all amps by hand and we’ve found that ordering them as we need them makes sure the most current product ships out to you!

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