Acoustic Image UpShot Speaker Cabinet for Double Bass


Acoustic Image is not taking new orders for now – will update! Thanks – UB, Spring ‘23

The UpShot is an ultra-compact and lightweight speaker that is 11 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. It weighs 12 pounds. It is designed to sit on the floor and has a 10-inch driver that fires upward.


The Acoustic Image UpShot Speaker Cabinet for double bass and more.

Acoustic Image has developed a unique compact speaker that can be used for bass, guitar and keyboards (and probably more instruments).

The Upshot uses Acoustic Images proprietary 10‐inch driver mounted in a cylindrical enclosure with the driver firing upwards (hence, the name). The Upshot cabinet is 11 inches diameter, 6 inches high and weighs 11.5 pounds and can be carried in a backpack. Along with the Acoustic Image Clarus SL series of amps, it becomes a compact, highly portable, high-performance amplification system for acoustic instruments.  This is a small unpowered extension speaker cabinet only. This bass cab is rated at 300W at 8ohms, with Speakon connector input (cable not included).  Acoustic Image heads work great with it, as do other compact amplifiers.

Our Impressions:

We got our hands on an Upshot and it’s very cool!  It’s a great addition to any bass rig and if you use it with just the head at a small volume and put the speaker behind the bass, it sounds and looks like you are playing acoustically.  For a bigger stage setting it be used as your own secondary monitor cabinet. Very cool addition to anybody’s toolkit.

From Acoustic Image:

The design was inspired by storied New York bassist Harvie S. Harvie has been testing a prototype in various venues in NYC and has concluded “The speaker is changing the whole way a bass player lives. I’m on my first gig with it and everyone loves the sound of it. I walked in just carried it like I was carrying a small briefcase. This thing is so great.” And after a gig at the Kitano in NYC, he sent this note: “I played a trio gig last night at the Kitano. I used the [UpShot] and everyone said it was the best bass sound they ever heard in that room. Most people thought that I didn’t have an amp but they could hear the bass perfect.” He has shown the UpShot to guitar players and keyboard players and they all want one of their own.

Hence, we call the UpShot the Harvie S Signature Model.

One of the technical hurdles faced by such a small cabinet is that the transient response is degraded by the underdamped resonance of the speaker in the small cab. In technical terms, the system has a high Q (quality of resonance). We use an approach we call “Q Control Technology” to significantly reduce the Q and improve the transient response. In the photos below, you will see that there is a vent on the bottom of the cabinet. The vent is stuffed with a specific material to control the Q at resonance.

The UpShot is designed to be placed on the floor, close to the player so that the player can clearly hear his or her instrument. The omnidirectional nature of the sound resulting from the driver being close to the floor, allows the instrument to be clearly heard on the bandstand and throughout the club.

All AI amps are ordered when you order and typically have a 2 to 4 week lead time.  AI assembles all amps by hand and we’ve found that ordering them as we need them makes sure the most current product ships out to you!

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