Double Bass Stand – Wooden Upright Bass or Cello Stand by Upton Bass

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This sleek design creates a visible showcase for your double bass while keeping it out and readily at hand. Handmade at the shop by Upton Bass luthiers, our floor stand stores your bass safely and securely.

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Nothing beats the rock solid feel and small footprint of the Upton Bass stand! Our wooden floor stand keeps your bass secure and ready to play.

This UB double bass stand is the same one we use in our showroom. We’ve tried many approaches, and this stand has been improved upon for a decade! Heavy neoprene pads cushion and grip your bass – we’ve tried cork, it doesn’t have the padding or staying power. The stand’s heavy wooden construction also gives it stability unmatched by collapsable or short leaning metal stands.

We build these stands at our workshop from locally-milled solid, two-inch-thick sustainable Douglas Fir beams. The large footprint (20″ x 15″ x 7.25″) weighs in around ten pounds. The padded arms support the weight of your upright bass without scratching or compromising its finish. It does not stress the back of your instrument in the way short leaning stands do.

We started making these wooden stands in 2012 – after years of improvements based on customer feedback, this version is our best yet!

If you are looking for portability, a lightweight folding stand with neck support such as the Folding Double Bass Stand is a good option.

Although both of these bass stand options are safe and secure, exercise caution when small children or large animals are nearby as this is a free-standing bass stand without a neck support.

10 reviews for Double Bass Stand – Wooden Upright Bass or Cello Stand by Upton Bass

  1. Michael Barbara (verified owner)

    I could not be more pleased with this stand…it’s sturdy, and really provides a good level of security. And, it looks great in the music room!! Well worth the price.

  2. James Welch (verified owner)

    Very Happy with this stand. Took me a while to find the right one and this is it. Upton’s service was also top notch along the way.

  3. Richard Beadle (verified owner)

    A beginning student, this is my first bass stand. Coming on the heels of damage as a result of improperly storing my bass, this stand is just perfect. Doesn’t take up much room and does the job to a T.

  4. Jonathon Peters

    I honestly don’t know how I every played without one of these.

  5. Tex Waggoner

    I bought the stand about 3 years ago. I’ve traveled all over the country with it and it’s the best stand I ever bought! It’s well made and should last me the rest of my life. Thanks guys!

  6. John Racz (verified owner)

    Works as advertised – stable – much safer that standing in corner!

  7. James (verified owner)

    This well made and reasonably priced stand allows me better access to my bass – much more secure than storing in a corner or on its side. Very pleased.

  8. felixsnowsnow (verified owner)

    Everything there guys do at Upton is top notch. This stand is no different. It’s truly a piece of furniture in the best way possible. Functional, and my bass is DISPLAYED as it should be. Thanks guys! – Felix

  9. Paula Ping (verified owner)

    This is a both beautiful an functional. My daughter loves it. It is also very sturdy.

  10. (verified owner)

    I love this stand! It’s sturdy, looks very good in the room, and saves a lot of space!

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