Five String Pöllmann Double Bass 1974 – E.M. Poellmann Contrabass


Five String Pollmann Double Bass, left-handed

This classic Poellmann was originally built as a lefty 5-string, can be reconfigured to right-handed by Upton Bass.


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Pöllmann Double Bass 1974

Five String, Left Handed E.M. Poellmann Contrabass No. 61 3/4 Ser. No. 536

This Five String Pollmann from the early 70s is a rare instrument. An early shop built 5-string, also constructed as a lefty. Highly ornamented and beautiful old-growth woods, typical of this classic German maker. This bass was probably built under the supervision of 3rd generation maker Gunter Pollmann. A unique vintage double bass.

This is a rare opportunity for a left-handed bassist to get a quality instrument that is a true lefty at a bargain price!


Please Note…

This bass can be reconfigured as a right-handed instrument for the next owner!

It is priced WELL under the market equivalent of a right-handed five-string Pollmann. We can relocate the bass bar to do the job properly and reconfigure the setup, and the conversion price would still put the bass under current market prices for a bass of this caliber. So if you are looking for a fine symphony, chamber music or jazz 5-string, this may fit the bill. Please contact Eric at the shop to learn more about the possibilities of this classic bass! +1 (860) 535-9399

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