Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin

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Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin. Velvet cloth wrap, lidded container. French.

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Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin is made by a well-respected French manufacturer that has produced quality rosin for over a century. Jade rosin for the double bass is a new formulation with outstanding qualities of dust-free adhesion and contains no metallic residues that may scratch delicate varnishes. The highly refined resins of this double bass rosin produce a smooth yet firm grip. Each cake of Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin is mounted on its own protective velvet cloth wrap and comes in an attractive lidded container. Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin has a firm yet smooth feel and a clear, warm tone. This rosin for the double bass is well suited for solo work as well as standard orchestral repertoire.


Gary’s Thoughts: Jade Solo is my rosin of choice, I use it with my French style UB Workshop Bow with black hair.


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2 reviews for Jade SOLO Double Bass Rosin

  1. Ryan MacGeorge (verified owner)

    I first want to say this rosin is not for everyone, however i love it. I bought it because it was on sale at the time, i had an audition coming up and it said “Solo bass rosin”, so I figured why not and bought it. You get a really smooth tone that i’ve had a hard time finding with other rosins, which makes it ideal for sonata work, among other things. It takes a little bit of use to get the cake going and for it to apply easier, but once you do it’s great. It really does help give a smooth, warm tone it just takes a little bit of bow technique as it’s not the easiest to use.

  2. David Pike (verified owner)

    I am new to arco technique and so far I have tried three types of rosin: Nyman, Millant-Deroux and JADE. I like JADE the best! Smooth rich tone for days and days!

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