Left Handed Upton Double Bass Option


A true left-handed build for your UB Double Bass. Make any UB bass a lefty!


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Make your UB Double Bass a left handed bass, available on any UB bass for our flat fee of $500.  Every element of the bass will be made truly for a left handed upright bass player. Besides the obvious changes such as strings, bass bridge and nut orientation, the modifications to a true lefty model UB double bass include:

  • Bass bar and soundpost are reversed
  • Fingerboard arch is directed to the left handed player as we would do with a typical right handed bass.
  • Tuners are reversed in a direct mirror of a right handed bass
  • Endpin key is reversed
  • For our advanced carved basses, our proprietary graduation patterns are inverted in a mirror-image of the graduation patterns we use for a right handed player. Where else can you get a fully carved upright bass truly made as a lefty?

Upton Bass has set up scores of left handed basses. We aren’t a shop that just says, “Yeah, we’ll do it.” We know what we’re doing and we’ve done it before. Our head setup luthier is a Southpaw himself, and understands what you are looking for in a lefty bass.

Want more information about the lefty upgrade option? Call us at 860-535-9399 to discuss how you can get the lefty bass you’ve always wanted!


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