Petz Premium Double Bass Rosin

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The soft consistency of Petz Premium Rosin guarantees perfect adhesion and prevents excessive dust. A pure resin of pine and larch with added beeswax.


Petz Premium Double Bass Rosin is a pure resin of pine and larch trees. Additional bees wax is added as one of Petz’s “secret” ingredients. Petz Premium double bass rosin is made under strict supervision and constant quality control. Each piece is handmade in Austria.

According to the manufacturer, the melting point of Petz’s Premium Double Bass Rosin is set at a specifically calibrated point for supreme adhesive power without any scratching noise. The soft consistency guarantees perfect adhesion and prevents excessive dust.



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2 reviews for Petz Premium Double Bass Rosin

  1. Jordan Cassidy

    I would like to point out I am not a classical player, and only sort of know what I am talking about. I got the Petz rosin with my new upright because it was the most expensive, and that usually means it is the best. After a few months of using it, I found it to be hard and brittle, and difficult to get a good amount on the bow. I went to the local music store to buy some Pop’s, because from previous experience (by leaving the canister on it’s side) I knew it to be extremely soft, and easy to get on the bow. I definitely didn’t get the right strings for bowing( Thomastik Spirocores) and plan to get a string set matched for both next time. My bow is also a fairly cheap brazilwood French bow. I would also like to point out that I live in Washington State, and the description of the Pop’s rosin says it works well for humid climates.I don’t know how much those factors matter, but I really don’t like Petz. Save some money and get some Pop’s .

  2. Fred Wengrzynek (verified owner)

    I am acclimating to Petz Premium after using the same brand of rosin for 20 years. It does not have quite as much grab my previous brand (less amplitude) but I find that I do not have to apply it as often or keep wiping down my strings. It comes in a large size cake which makes it easy to apply evenly. I use white bow hair and live in a dry climate. I am happy with the sound produced and would purchase this rosin again.

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