Pirastro: Permanent Double Bass Strings



Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings: Multi-use string for pizzicato and arco. High-tensile rope core made from carbon steel wound with nickel.

Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings


Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings are constructed of a high-tensile rope core made from carbon steel which is wound with nickel. They are a good multi-use string for both pizzicato and arco double bass playing styles. Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings provide a clear and focused sound with powerful projection. They are quick to respond, instantly playable, and very stable. Available in Medium/Mittel Tension and Solo Tuning. PLEASE MAKE YOUR STRING SELECTION IN THE CUSTOMIZATION TAB ABOVE BEFORE PLACING THE ITEM IN YOUR CART.

Gary’s Thoughts: Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings are a decent hybrid set, but not at the top of my list. I wouldn’t describe Pirastro Permanent strings as bright, as they are a darker sounding string, but if you are looking for a string that is a little brighter than Obligato, this may be the perfect double bass string for you.

Jack’s Thoughts: Permanent strings are Pirastro’s take on the string that does everything, but like other hybrid strings, they don’t excel in any one style. Tonally speaking, they are a better version of D’Addario Helicore Hybrids. They’re not a nylon core string, which is a big selling point to a lot of players for the durability this provides them.


  • Rope core steel strings
  • Especially suited for arco and soloistic playing
  • Clear and focused sound
  • Big volume with great projection


Pirastro Permanent Color Codes:

Pirastro Permanent Double Bass Strings Color Code

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