Pops Double Bass Rosin

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Pops Double Bass Rosin is an extremely soft amber rosin that is great for cool weather.


Pop’s is available sporadically and in small volumes.  Please contact us for availability or stock levels!



Pops Premium Double Bass Rosin

This double bass rosin is an extremely soft amber rosin and is great for humid weather, and is known as the soft and gummy rosin. Pops Premium Rosin comes in a convenient snap top plastic container. Made in the USA.

Try Pops Premium Double Bass Rosin or contact Upton Bass with any questions in selecting the right bass rosin for your playing.

Upton Bass is a double bass specialty company located in Mystic, Connecticut. We are ready to offer advice and answer any questions you have regarding your double bass, strings for your double bass, or related topics. Any questions? Email sales@uptonbass.com or call our shop at (860) 535-9399. Our hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 6 pm.

7 reviews for Pops Double Bass Rosin

  1. Matt Moreland

    I bought some of the same rosin at a local dealer, paid $16 bucks and the quality is impressive. I was surprised how much clarity the rosin gave me when I used my bow. Thick and responsive. I normally play in a psychobilly band and hardly use a bow, but when I was by myself I pulled out the old bow and was pleasantly surprised. A+ in my book

  2. Eric Mazoch (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with my rosin purchase, it is definitely a more “sticky” rosin, but I love it, it gets the job done, and it does it in a great sounding way.

  3. Raymond Blanco (verified owner)

    Definitely better than most rosins, even with the “difficulties”. It will melt and run if left in heated conditions. However, when treated properly, it has great grip and nice sound. It doesn’t take much to get you going, and the plastic snap-case is very convenient.

  4. Luz Monzon-Aguirre (verified owner)

    Well… No words, is the best of all rosins, i have no doubts about that.

  5. cris spence

    This rosin has a black/white temperment. First of all, in temps over 70 degrees F, this stuff melts like chocolate. However, below that it works wonderfully. Using black hair will get a richer tone then white (which sometimes gets a little raspy with this stuff) I using Nymen during summer and this during winter or at night. However, this is a challage to wipe off after awhile. 🙂

  6. Ryan MacGeorge

    I personally hate the stuff. It has a gritty, harsh, and unpleasant sound. Not to mention this stuff creates more dust than i thought possible This stuff is more for middle school or high school kids that aren\’t that great with a bow. Buy some real rosin, your bow isn\’t supposed to be saturated with it

    NOTE FROM UPTON BASS: Pops has a love/hate relationship in the bass world and there does not seem to be a middle ground with players who are just OK with it. Some bassists will swear this is the \”Holy Grail\” of all rosins while others will comment like the review above. All we can say is try it for yourself and form your own opinion. At the price point…it is certainly affordable enough to give a try!

  7. Michael Knott

    I used this rosin through middle school, it was easy to play with and had good grip and a full sound. The downside to this rosin is it leaves a ton of dust on strings, which is very sticky and hard to get off. Also i left it sideways overnight (we keep the house at about 72 degrees) and i went to play the next morning and it was misshaped sideways, i would recommend this rosin to starters, but i would go for nyman or carlson if your serious about good sound and quality.

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