SOLD: “A. Schroetter” German Style Double Bass Bow


Newly refurbished Anton Schroetter bow. Unwrapped, light-weight. Medium silver hair.


This Anton Schroetter bow came to us recently in rather distressed condition, needing a new tip, frog repair, hairing, resurfacing and cleaning and polishing.

It is a lighter bow with ease of playability, quick response and a fluid, even voicing It produces a clear and clean tone with nice subtlety, particularly on the D and G, and would make a lovely solo bow for the advanced student or equivalent.


Stick: Amber brown pernambuco, round, nickel cap.
Frog & Button: Ebony, nickel mounted and half-lined. Abalone slide.
Wrap & Hair: Unwrapped, medium-dark silver hair.
Measurements: Hair- 22 1/4″, Overall Length- 29 1/4″, Length of Stick:
26 3/4″, Balance Point: 7 1/2″, Weight- 124.3 gms.


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