SOLD: Alois Bittner Double Bass



Bittner, Alois. Kladno. Born Jan. 17, 1880, in
Kralovo Pole, died Apr. 25, 1950, in Klando.

Son of Alois and Anna Bittner, disciple of Franz Anger in Vienna where he also went to a special school. He was employed successively by several makers in Bohemia, Moravia, Germany and Russia.
Bittner followed Guarneri del Gesu and contemporary Czech masters, preferred golden-yellow oil varnish, but adapted himself to the demands of his customers. Of his pupils Josef Horak and Vaclav Kolacek should be named; a third one left him and took up another profession. Bittner married in 1904 Anna Hanousek, b.1882. On his own since 1908, an appointment sworn expert in 1910.
As a war prisoner he worked in 1915 for Gregorovitch Mach in Moscow. Bittner won many distinctions, two gold and two silver medals and several diplomas. His name is very good in the fine instrument world.

Labeled: MISTR A. BITTNER, Houslar Luthier
Reparater Prisezny soudni znalec. Fecit Kladno b. Pragae. Anno 19__



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