SOLD: AT Saldo Double Bass Bow – German Style


Dark unwrapped Brazil wood stick and deluxe frog from the famous Czech atelier.


The “AT Saldo” stamp stands for Atelier Saldo, the Czech Repulic
workshop owned and operated by world-renown bow maker Otakar Odlas
since 1992. The stamp is a pseudonym for Odlas (Saldo is Oldas spelled backwards). These bows were made by bow luthiers in his workshop under his watchful eye. This bow is the 4111 model; the first of three in the
German style offered by the workshop (the other two being pernambuco,
not Brazilwood). Despite this, the frog is of higher quality than those
typical of its make, and features not only an abalone slide (an upgrade
from the usual pearl), but also a pearl eye. Recently cleaned and
re-haired (black hair) at our Boston workshop, this double bass bow is
perfect for the no-nonsense bassist who prefers an unwrapped bow that
pulls a clear consistent note with out any presupposing tonal nuances.


Stick: Round, medium dark-brown
Frog & Button: German
style, half mounted ebony frog with pearl eye and abalone slide.
Wrap: Unwrapped
Measurements: Hair- 23.25″,
Overall Length- 30.25″, Balance Point: 9″, Weight- 127.1 gms.


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