SOLD: Award Winning Double Bass by Eric Rene Roy, 2009


Award Winning Double Bass hand made by Upton Bass head luthier Eric Rene Roy for the 2009 ISB Maker’s Competition.


The concept of the bass to be made for the 2009 ISB Maker’s Competition was simplicity and sound.  We gave Eric the freedom to apply his accumulated knowledge of coaxing every drop of sound out of every individual piece of wood that make up a bass with the only criteria of making this bass out of the same wood supply he would have to make any UB Special Deluxe model Professor and to use our standard building procedures and methods…in the end this had to be and Upton Bass but built entirely by Eric with an eye (and ear!) to winning over the judges!

Eric chose the new Gary Karr model double bass as the starting point with the vision of a well rounded bass that could go from the Concert stage playing Bach suites to a Jazz club belting out some solid walking 4’s!  This vision was realized with the favorable reviews of the three tone judges, Phil Palombi, Catalin Rotaro and Michael Cameron and their ultimate decision to award this bass with a Silver Medal for Tone, the highest mark possible in the category, as well as their favorable comments about it’s playability and setup.


This bass features all of the technical setup requirements as given to us by Gary Karr and needs no further adjustments.  It is available in our Stonington, CT showroom for your audition.

Upper Bout Width: 19

C Bout Width: 13 3/4

Lower Bout Width: 27 1/4

Body Length: 44

Rib Taper: 8 1/4 to 5 1/2

Over-Stand: 40mm

Projection: 155mm

String Length: 41 1/2

Neck Heel: Eb

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From the floor of the 2009 ISB at Penn State.  Some AMAZING players stopped by to play the Silver Award winning bass made by Eric.

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We offer our basses with many custom configuration possibilities. Upton Bass offers all of our basses with string lengths of 42″, 41 1/2″, & 41″  All of our string lengths can be configured with your choice of a D or Eb (e flat) neck.  We can also make all of our basses as left handed instruments, truly crafted for the lefty bass player.  Five stings are also a common customization with either a low B or high C string.  Outside of our customizations we also offer many upgrades and add-ons: please visit our UB Bass Upgrade Options Page.  Do you have an idea? Something you don’t see listed on our site?   Please call us at 1-860-535-9399 to discuss customizing your Upton Bass.


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