SOLD: Bohemian Fully Carved Double Bass c1920s


SOLD: Lovely fully carved pre-war Czech or German instrument, great vintage patina, no major scars with Paul Safran & Sons shop label


Pictured here is a fully carved workshop bass, consistent with Bohemian Czech/German style, we estimate to be from the mid-1920s to early1930s.  In very good shape – it would appear this instrument has gone this long with no major trauma – original neck set, no signs of serious injury.  New thick ebony fingerboard added recently, not installed by us, but gone over by Jack to improve setup and feel. The bridge is shimmed but in good shape. Excellent tailpiece and new German endpin.

This instrument has a “Paul Safran and Sons” label – a Philadelphia shop who imported German violins and basses some have thought to be Juzeks. Could be from a Wilfer shop of the same vintage.  Naturally, this importer label obscures the second label underneath it…

Very bright and sonorous, strung in Obligatos currently.  A clean fully carved player with smart updates and tons of character!


Upper Bout: 20″
C Bout: 14″
Lower Bout 25.5″
Rib Depth: 5.75 – 7.5″
Length of Back: 44″
String Length: 41.5″
Weight: 21.4 lbs


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