SOLD: Claude Marchand Pernambuco Double Bass Bow FRENCH


SOLD: Fine pernambuco stick, silver mounted. Superior balance, playability and response.


From the workshop of Thomas & George Martin: Working closely with a leading bow maker we have introduced the “Claude Marchand” bow. They are available in both French style (modeled on Vigneron and Sartory) and German model (inspired by the old H.R. Pfretchner). Only the finest pernambuco wood and silver mountings are used. Balance and playability are the first consideration. They are priced to suit any budget but many are used by top professional players.

The Martin’s always bring a bunch of bows with them to the ISB and European Bass Conventions, and they always sell out! Gary was quick to play through the bows in Copenhagen at the Bass2012 convention and selected a German & French bow and bought them right away! So although we will get more from the Martin’s in future shipments, these first bows are hand selected by Gary…the crème de la crème!

(pictured) French: #6, 134 grams, 9″ balance point


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