SOLD: Customized UB Professor Deluxe “Tony Falanga”



This bass has since found a happy home with a new owner, but feel free to give us a call about any other basses that have come our way!  Our inventory is constantly changing, so don’t miss an opportunity with a used bass that has not yet made the website!

This instrument was located at our Boston Showroom, Customized Professor Deluxe Previously Owned by Tony Falanga


This bass was a commissioned piece by Tony Falanga, double bassist for Ornette Coleman. Tony had a UB Hybrid at the time and he brought it to Gary Upton Birkhamshaw, owner of Upton Bass, to go over some playability issues he was having. Gary watched Tony play several pieces and took pages of notes before sitting down with the Upton Bass luthiers to go over modifications needed to accommodate Tony’s playing style. Tony brought the bass up to us recently for some bridge adjustments and fell in love with the bass Upton Bass head luthier Eric Rene Roy made based on the Gary Karr model for the 2009 ISB Makers Competition that won a Silver Medal for Tone. This bass has been all over with Tony and Ornette as well as recorded with. The bass is well played in and very well taken care of!


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