SOLD: DORFLER German Style Bow


Fine fully ornamented German style bow from the Dorfler workshop


This German style Brazilwood double bass bow from the Dorfler workshop
was recently cleaned, polished and freshly rehaired (black
hair). The bow is slightly frog heavy which results in ease of
maneuverability and therefore excellent for spiccato and playing quick
passages while drawing a full, voluminous note.


Stick: Octagonal, reddish-brown Brazilwood
Frog & Button: German style and fully lined, nickel mounted with
Mother of Pearl slide and Parisienne eye. One piece ebony button
Wrap: Baleine and leather
Measurements: Hair- 22″, Overall Length- 29 1/2″, Balance Point: 8″,
Weight: 136.9 gms.

Purchase trials available on bows
$1,500 and over for a seven day period. Exceptions can be made
depending on location, etc.-
please inquire– 860-535-9399. Bows returned from
purchase trial subject to a 5% processing fee.


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