SOLD: Early 20th Century Czech Carved Double Bass


SOLD: A fine old Czech fully carved bass with a nice low end.


This fully carved 3/4 Czech bass came to us recently in distressed
condition. Despite its current state, this bass has a remarkably warm
and thumpy tone, with a clear fundamental and rich voice lurking just
beneath. Fully restored and setup, this bass would be on our Boston
showroom floor for around $8,000. However, since it needs several
thousand in repair and we’ve been busy building custom
Upton basses
, we’ve decided to offer this bass via two options:

1. Purchase the bass as is for $3,000 $2,500. It is in ‘stable’ condition at
the moment, meaning that the bridge is standing and there is tension on
the bass. However, in the next 6 months to a year, work will need to be
done on it. Comes with a bow.

2. Have us completely repair, restore and setup the bass- including a
new fingerboard, strings, bridge with adjusters, nut, soundpost,
tailpiece, endpin for $8,000.

This bass is currently in our Boston showroom. Please call Josh, Gary
or Eric to discuss.


Upper Bout: 20″
C-Bout: 14 1/4″
Lower Bout: 25 1/2″
Length of Body: 44″
String Length: 42 1/8″
Rib Depth: 6″ at heel 6 7/8″
Neck: E flat


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