SOLD: F C Pfretzschner Bass Bow – French Style


SOLD: Newly restored Pfretzschner bass bow.


Made in Germany, this French style bow by F.C. Pfrezschner was recently
repaired and restored in our Upton Bass Boston workshop. It had a small
crack at the country stamp under near the button which has been glued
and stabilized.
Recently silver and leather wrapped and and re-haired (white hair) at
our Boston workshop, this bow draws a fast and fluid note- perfect for
players who prefer their bow a bit tip heavy, while remaining balanced
enough to retain the subtlety required for melodic passages.


Stick: Round, chocolate brown Brazilwood
Frog & Button: French style, nickel mounted and fully lined with
abalone slide and Parisiene eye. Three piece button.
Wrap: Brown lizard leather over silver wire. Capped.
Measurements: Hair- 21 3/4″, Overall Length- 28″, Balance Point: 8
1/2″, Weight- 140.8 gms.


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