SOLD: French Guild LEFTY Flatback Carved Double Bass


A TRUE vintage LEFT HANDED bass!!


Attention southpaws: Here is your chance to own a true LEFT handed
VINTAGE double bass! This fine French guild instrument from the late
19th century wasn’t built a lefty- it was converted somewhere along the
line. The key here is that it is was properly converted. The top came
off for a reverse installation of the bass bar. The soundpost, bridge,
nut and tuners are all lefty oriented…everything down to the endpin

The price is low as a result of the low demand for lefty instruments.
If this bass were right handed, it would sell for upwards of $12,000!
This is an oppportunity for a south paw to STEAL a quality bass. 
In most cases, left handed players have to buy right handed basses at
right handed prices and THEN pay to have them converted…big $ and
upside down on value. This bass is being sold as a lefty only until
after the first of the year, at which time it will undergo a conversion
back to a right handed instrument and put back up for sale at a
restored, right handed price. Don’t miss this rare opportunity- get it
before it’s too late!


Upper Bout: 20 1/4″
C-Bout: 13 5/8″
Lower Bout: 25 3/8″
Length of Body: 44 1/2″
String Length: 41 3/4″
Rib Depth: 6″ at heel 7 3/4″
Neck: E flat


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