SOLD: French Style Brazilwood Double Bass Bow, Lightweight


Nicely refurbished French style Brazilwood bow, lightweight and perfect for articulate playing. New tip, wrap, hair.


This French style bow is made from beautiful Brazilwood with a plain abalone adorned frog. Lightweight and well balanced, this bow is perfect for the player looking for more control over the stick and it really shines when used for articulate passages. Ideal for the advancing student or pizzicato player looking for a solid stick. Newly shellacked, wrapped, cleaned and haired, including a new tip.


Stick: Round to octagonal at wrap, Brazilwood.
Frog & Button: French style, nickel-mounted and fully lined and complete with abalone slide and eye. Three-piece button.
Wrap: Black leather over a silver wire, leather capped.
Measurements: Hair- 22 1/2″, Overall Length- 28″, Length of Stick: 27″,
Balance Point: 7.5″, Weight- 137.9 gms.


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