SOLD: French Style Brazilwood Workshop Bow


Newly refurbished French style brazilwood workshop bow. Hand-made ebony slide, new tip, newly wrapped and rehaired.


This French style brazilwood workshop bow came to us recently without a slide, ferrule or tip and in need of a re-cambering, silver/leather wrap, and rehair. The tip has been replaced as well as a new slide, hand-made from ebony, and a new ferrule added. As well, it has been rewrapped, the stick straightened and haired with light silver. Quick, fairly light and highly responsive and tonally bright.


Stick: Octagonal, medium-light
Frog & Button: French
style, nickel-mounted. Ebony frog with a hand-made ebony slide. Abalone
eye and three-piece button
Wrap: Silver wire, maroon
lizard skin leather grip.
Measurements: Hair- 21 1/4″,
Overall Length- 27″, Balance Point: 8 3/4″”, Weight- 136.3 gms, Length
of Stick- 26″


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