SOLD: Fully Carved Prague Double Bass


A fully carved 3/4 sized double bass resembling the 7/8 size John Juzek Masterart double basses that are so sought after!


This fully carved double bass just came in as a trade towards a UB Bostonian fully carved double bass.  The bass was a regular jazz “gig’er” in the New England area and although the setup is not Upton Bass
Showroom quality, it is fully functioning and ready to work!  Given our current turn around with new bass orders, we decided not to redo the setup and to pass that savings on to you!

We fully expected to see a John Juzek “Masterart” label in this double bass as it resembled a 3/4 version of the 7/8 size “Masterart” double basses that are so hard to come by (and so sought after)!  The “Masterart” Juzek basses are the jewels in the Juzek crown!

Nicely figured, fully carved canted back at the widest point of the upper bouts with a high arch and deep ribs, “Stradivarius” inspired ff holes, as well as well formed but robust violin corners and wide purfling with a strong white give this instrument a very masculine feel.

This bass was fully rebuilt a few years ago by an instrument repairman in the Rhode Island area.  The repairs, although not aesthetically appealing, are functioning.  The neck is not original to the instrument but the character of the scroll flows with the body.  The top shows some distortions (just like the larger 7/8 Juzek “Masterarts”!).


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