SOLD: German Stamped Workshop Double Bass Bow – French Style


SOLD: German stamped workshop bow, Brazil wood stick with half-mounted frog.


This German stamped workshop double bass bow is made of dark Brazil wood
with an ebony frog that features mother of pearl for both the slide and
eye. Recently cleaned and re-haired (black hair) and wrapped at our Boston
workshop, this double bass bow is ideal for the student to intermediate
level bassist in search of both with both playability and stability.


Stick: Round, dark brown
Frog & Button: French
style, nickel half-mounted ebony frog with mother of pearl slide and
eye and abalone. Three piece button
Wrap: Silver wire and leather, leather capped.
Measurements: Hair- 22.5″,
Overall Length- 28 1/8″, Balance Point: 7.75″, Weight- 130 gms.


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