SOLD: German Style Brazilwood Double Bass Bow, Unwrapped


SOLD: Unwrapped, unstamped Brazilwood German style bow with abalone adorned frog.


This unstamped workshop bow of unknown origin is crafted from beautiful Brazilwood and features a top grade ebony frog, ergonomically seated. Tip heavy with a warm, dark and sonorous tone, it produces a full and throaty voicing with humming subtleties when played quietly.


Stick: Brazilwood, round.
Frog & Button: Ebony, nickel lined, abalone slide and eye.
Wrap & Hair: Unwrapped, black hair.
Measurements: Hair- 22 1/2″, Overall Length- 29 3/4″, Length of Stick:
27 1/4″, Balance Point: 8″, Weight- 129.7 gms.


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