SOLD: H.R. Pfretzschner German Bass Bow


Beautiful pernambuco German bow, silver mounted, classic rounded ebony frog. Superb balance and playability.


This HR Pfretzschner German double bass bow is a fine example of the exemplary craftsmanship of the workshop of the same name. It is slender and long, made of gorgeous Pernambuco and features the classic rounded frog which bears the royal coat of arms.  Silver mounted and recently rehaired (black hair), this bow is perfect for the serious advanced double bassist searching of superior tone, balance, and playability.


Stick: Pernambuco, octagonal
Frog & Button: Ebony, round, with royal insignia stamp, silver ferrule. Ebony button.
Wrap: Unwrapped.
Measurements: Hair- 22 1/4″, Overall Length- 29 1/2″, Length of Stick: 27 1/4″,
Balance Point: 8 1/4″, Weight- 132.2 gms.


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