SOLD: Hybrid Double Bass

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Hybrid Double Bass

In 2005 while in Beijing, China searching for new workshops to make our bass
bags and bows, Gary came across an instrument workshop with some desirable
skills. Working only from photographs on our website, he asked the
workshop owner to make him a hybrid bass (solid spruce top, laminated back and
ribs) similar in looks to an old Kay bass. The resulting prototype arrived
on our shop doorsteps a few months later as a shell (instrument only, no
accessories) and we quickly begun setup work.

A new, thick ebony fingerboard was planed and fit to the neck with a nut and
saddle to match. German Rubner tuners were installed. Our highest
quality stock UB bridge was perfectly fit and shaped, as well as a seasoned
spruce soundpost. Clef HiTec tailgut was used to hang the ebony tailpiece,
and our standard German made endpin was installed. In a few words, no
expense was spared in the setup of this double bass.

The results were a well proportioned, light weight bass with a nice warm tone
and VOLUME that goes up to 11! If you play bluegrass…this is the banjo
killer you dream of. If you play Jazz…you may not even need a pickup to
be heard in smaller venues.

While this is a new bass, it has been in our shop for over a year now.
It has been shipped to NYC and back for a performance. We are confident
that any environmental distress found in inexpensive Chinese basses are not a
factor in this bass. The workshop standards and skills are on the level of
Shen and Christopher basses that have been accepted in the double bass world.
This is why it took over a year of our testing and evaluation before we were
confident enough to offer it publicly.

This bass is a one of a kind. There will be no others.
Because it does not fit into our direction as a company. We
plan on offering some very exciting basses in the next year, and this bass just
does not fit into those plans. The price tag of only, $1,800.00 barely
covers our cost of the bass, shipping and import fee’s, labor and outfitted
parts. This was an interesting experiment…and our playing is your gain!

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  1. Karl Nilsson

    I have owned this bass for almost six years now I still marvel over the sound! I received this bass as an Easter/Christmas/birthday gift in sixth grade and I have now brought it with me to college and have ended up playing it among symphony orchestras, jazz bands and now bluegrass groups and have consistently gotten the comment “I love how much LOW END your bass has to it, the sound is huge!” This is still one of the best instruments I have ever played on and I continue to enjoy hearing it in many settings. Wonderful instrument, and thank you so much!

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