SOLD: Italian Double Bass c1780


Charming instrument of pear wood, beautifully maintained and played by an American bass luminary


This bass is believed to be of Italian origin with back and side built of slab cut pearwood with a pronounced side taper. Purfling and edge oxidation suggest late 18th Century. The bass has a modern replacement neck (German scroll) and a C-extension added.

A surprisingly large and deep voice considering the narrow profile. From the collection of Edwin Barker, of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Conservatory, one of America’s most accomplished symphonic and ensemble contrabassists.

Upper Bout: 20.25″
C Bout: 14.25″
Lower Bout: 24.5″
Length of Back: 42.5″
Rib Depth: 5.25 – 7.5″
String Length: 41.5″


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