SOLD: Johann Mennig Double Bass Bow – French Style


French Style pernambuco bow, silver adorned, newly rehaired & wrapped at our Boston workshop.


Johann, or “Johs” Mennig as his bows are stamped, was the son of August Hermann Mennig, a bow maker who lived and worked at Markneukirchen from 1875-1927. Johann continued the business after his father died, creating wonderful violin, cello and double bass bows.
Since the day of its arrival
at Upton Bass, this has been the preferred bow of choice for orchestral
players auditioning our selection of handmade
double basses
, and has gained the reputation of “shop favorite” for
players of the French style.

Recently silver and leather wrapped and and re-haired (black hair) at
our Boston workshop, this bow draws an incredibly sonorous and resonant
note, with dark accents and a full alto-like timbre, perfect for
players who prefer a bit more girth to their bow, while remaining
balanced enough to retain the subtlety required for melodic passages.


Stick: Round in
shape, medium-light colored pernambuco
Frog & Button: French style
of top grade ebony, silver mounted and fully lined and complete with
abalone slide and Parisiene eye. Three piece button.
Wrap: Maroon lizard leather
over nickel silver wire and leather capped.
Measurements: Hair- 22″,
Overall Length- 28″, Balance Point: 8.5″, Weight- 137 gms.


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