SOLD: Kay C1 Bass Viol, Kay Upright Bass


SOLD Kay Bass Viol, Kay C1 Upright Bass in Great shape.



Here we have a vintage Kay C1 Upright Bass, serial number 54590 this double bass is in pristine condition, as can be seen from the overall condition of the instrument and look at the finish, it’s in great shape.  This Kay bass viol has the original neck with no breaks and no damage and appears to be very stable.  Ready to ship now!

There is a new ebony double bass fingerboard  from Upton Bass, new nut, new bridge, adjusters, soundpost, and ebony tailpiece.  This instrument is setup with Spirocore weich strings and a nice low setup suiting many styles of playing.  All of this work was done by Upton Bass in 2005.  The tailpiece was rehung with clef high-tech tail gut, and the instrument sports an Ulsperger Massif endpin.  This Kay bass has been completely gone through in our workshop about two years ago, our customer brought the bass back as he is upgrading to a new bass.


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