SOLD: Kay Double Bass Viol M1 sn12001 c1945


This is a great sounding Kay that is ready to go. There have been some (typical to Kay’s) neck heel fractures that have been repaired. At some point the neck was reset with a heel graft to increase the over-stand (neck over body) and projection (bridge height). This makes for a great playing instrument with more power and punch than you typically get out of a Kay. Well suited for Jazz or cutting through in an acoustic bluegrass jam!


Kay Double Bass Viol M1 c1945 sn12001

As Upton Bass String Instrument Company is the first NEW startup business to
manufacture laminated double basses in the USA since H.N. White & Kay started in
the 1930’s, we have a strong affection for these double basses and love
preserving them for future generations.  As an interesting note, back when
these basses were being made and advertised, it was the QUALITY of American made
products coupled with the preservation of American labor that was a focal point
in advertising.  The promotion of American made quality couple with keeping
jobs in America is as true now as it was then!

Our 1945 Kay double bass viol is in excellent health, ready for another 60+
years of playing!

Contact us about auditioning this double bass, currently in our Boston
showroom.  1-617-236-7706 or eMail us at


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