SOLD: MORIZOT French Style Double Bass Bow


SOLD: Beautiful reddish-brown pernambuco bow hand-crafted by one of the 20th Century’s great bow makers, Louis Morizot.


This fine French style bow was made by Louis Joseph Morizot, one of the
century’s penultimate bow luthiers. Born in the Voges Mountain region
in 1874, Morizot  studied with the great masters Nicolas Bazin and
Eugene Sartory and later setup his atelier in Mirecourt. There with his
five sons, all of whom he trained in the art of bowmaking himself, they
made some of the finest bows of the last century. Louis Père won the
grand prix at the first exhibition Artisanale de Paris in 1924 and the
gold medal at the Exposition Artisanale de Paris in 1927. In 1937 the
brothers took up management of the company, running it under the name
“Morizot frères”. His son Renee, the youngest of the five, was the only
one to devote his life to violin making. He settled in Mirecourt in
1933 and worked there until 1982, the last several years as a master
instructor at the National School of Violin Making.

This beautiful example of Morizot’s work would typically sell for
around $5,500, however there is a lift in the stick. The lift has been
glued and is stable (and has been for many years), but since it’s
there, we’re selling this phenomenal hand-crafted bow for nearly 50%


Stick: Octagonal,
reddish-brown pernambuco
Frog & Button: French
style, silver mounted ebony, fully lined with mother-of-pearl slide and
Parisienne eye. One piece silver button.
Wrap: Baleine and leather
Measurements: Hair- 20.75″,
Overall Length- 26.75″, Balance Point: 8″
Weight: 124.9 gms.

Purchase trials
available on bows $1,500 and over for a seven day period. Exceptions
can be made depending on location, etc.- please inquire-
860-535-9399. Bows returned from purchase trial
subject to a 5% processing fee.


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