SOLD: New Standard Cleveland Model 2010


As-New NS Cleveland Model with Serious Extras!





Pictured here is a New Standard Cleveland fully laminated bass from early
2010.  If you are unfamiliar with New Standards, these instruments are a
joint project from Arnold Schnitzer and Wil DeSola aimed at recreating the great
vintage American Standard basses of the past.

“Modeled after a highly sought-after American-made bass which is no longer
available, the New Standard ClevelandTM fills the gap between inexpensive
student basses and premium but fragile carved instruments. Truly a professional
bass, it responds equally well both pizzicato and arco. The string length is
reasonable (42”), the construction is strong, and the body design produces a
punchy, deep tone. 

The neck joint has been standardized and strengthened, the string length
made more manageable, and the neck has been mounted to allow better access to
the upper register.

A huge hit with jazz, slap and Broadway theater bassists, it has a deep, punchy
tone with a lot of “puff”. It is a large 3/4 (or small 7/8) size with round back
and gamba corners.”

This New Standard has very little playing wear.  Extras Include: Fishman
Full Circle Pickup, Mooradian Deluxe Bag and mounted rib bumpers on the treble
side. Strung with Spirocores. New, this package would retail over $5200 –
available now with no waiting
at a savings over $700!

We invite you to try out this instrument and other plywood basses at our
Stonington, Connecticut shop!







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