SOLD: Pollmann Carved Double Bass


Beautifully hand-made fully carved double bass from the Pollmann workshop.


Picture yourself in a green valley with the snow capped peaks of the Alps all around you. Now picture a century old workshop nestled in these mountains, with third and fourth generation luthiers hand-crafting double basses. This is the Pollmann lutherie, open since 1888, in Germany. This bass was made by Gunther Krahmer, father of the fourth generation of Pollmann makers, and is one of the instruments he made on his own, slowly carving it out and assembling it in the corner of the workshop. Totally hand-made in “W. Germany, 1978” in Markneukirchen, this bass is labeled “#012 Dedicated to Cornelius, dear black cat”. It is as superb in tone and complexity as it is in appearance, with a carved back and deep arching. This bass includes an old Barcus Berry pickup which is built into the bridge.

Length of Body: 43.25″
Upper Bout: 20″
C-Bout: 14.25″
Lower Bout: 26″
Rib Depth: 6.75″ at neck block, 9″ at end block
String Length: 41″


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