SOLD: UB Bohemian Hybrid Deluxe Double Bass 2012


SOLD: Recent Upton Bohemian upgraded to the Nth Degree available NOW


Pictured here is a very special UB Bohemian Hybrid double bass finished in November 2012 (barely played in – the restless buyer decided to change course and commission a giant Brescian!) Flatback Bohemian with a Deluxe top – select Spruce with deep and even “corduroy” grain.

Long list of upgrades includes:

One-piece Sycamore neck upgrade

Gary Karr neck with slim profile and
long fingerboard

42″ String Length

Custom body dimensions with a
slightly smaller lower bout

Antiqued Sloane tuners

Fishman Full Circle pickup installed

Extremely resonant, compact and easy to live with, fun and addictive to play.
Loads of bottom end and a very clear punch. With the Karr neck, very suitable for electric players, or any player looking for hand comfort.

The previous owner departed for a very different concept, but this beauty is bound to find the right player quickly! Please call Eric for more details.


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